What a proposal budget should contain

A synthesis meeting budget should contain six items:

  • Location and estimated dates
  • Travel table
  • Lodging
  • Food
  • Miscellaneous
  • Co-sponsorship

If you are requesting a series of meetings, please complete an individual budget for each, unless an entire meeting is requested from another source (co-sponsorship). EOL reserves the right to fund only part of a requested series.

Location and Dates:  Preferred meeting location and estimated dates (please narrow dates to a 7-10 day window). Please allow a minimum of 4 months between your proposal submission and your target meeting dates.

Travel: Search online travel websites (such as http://www.kayak.com/) to get affordable flight estimates for each traveler.  Create a table with travel estimates and include the table in the proposal budget. If any meeting participants plan to drive >25 miles to reach the meeting, please estimate their distance and use a mileage rate of $0.55/mi.

Lodging: For meetings held in Chicago, use $170/rm/night for hotel estimate.  Based on your entire budget, you may choose to request single or shared rooms at this rate (or a combination – shared rooms for students, single rooms for faculty).  Please specify the number of rooms and nights used to determine the hotel total in the budget.  Please account for extra nights possibly required by overseas travelers.  For meetings held in other locations, please use a reasonable local rate and indicate that rate in the budget.

Food:  For meetings held in Chicago, use $50/pp/day for the food estimate.  If using a different per diem (for other locations), please indicate that rate.

Miscellaneous: Please include additional expenses, if anticipated.  These may include parking, taxis, airport transfers, visa fees for participants from non-waiver countries, rental/booking fees for meeting space if applicable for non-Chicago locations, or other fees.

Co-sponsorship: If you have another source of meeting or matching funds (grants, institutional funds, etc.) or are requesting co-sponsorship from another source (GBIF, NESCent, NCEAS, etc.), please indicate the amount and source.