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Systematics and evolution of scleractinian corals

06/15/2009 - 06/19/2009

Smithsonian Natural History Museum,  Washington, DC, USA

BioSynC hosted a meeting of marine biologists and paleontologists whose collective expertise encompassed the taxonomy of living and fossil Scleractinia, or ‘stony corals.’ Aiming to find morphological characters that accord more accurately with phylogenetic trees yielded by recent molecular results, the meeting was organized into individual talks and focused break-out groups divided up by sections of the Scleractinian phylogeny. The meeting laid important groundwork for this new classification scheme, as well as cementing a content-sharing partnership between the EOL and Corallosphere, an online database featuring nomenclatural and descriptive information for around 1600 nominal scleractinian genera. To learn more, read the meeting blog entry!

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