Postdoctoral Position in Biodiversity Informatics

A postdoctoral research position in biodiversity informatics is available at the Field Museum of Natural History's Biodiversity Synthesis Center (, part of the Encyclopedia of Life Project ( The mission of BioSynC is to advance biodiversity science associated with the EOL along three lines: (1) accelerating the pace of scientific discovery and advances in large-scale synthesis in biodiversity and evolution with the use of bioinformatics tools; (2) providing a central location for scientific working groups to convene and explore synthetic biodiversity analyses; and (3) supporting the growth of EOL content and cross-disciplinary use of biodiversity information for scientific purposes.

Responsibilities: The successful candidate will be expected to carry out original research in biodiversity and evolution in one or more areas that blend biology with information technology (e.g., taxonomy and informatics of diverse organisms, phylogenetics of large species groups, computational biology, visualization of complex biological data, or web mobilization of images or collections data in biodiversity). In addition, our postdocs are expected to contribute to the incorporation of biodiversity information into the EOL, e.g., by convening and coordinating synthesis groups to develop informatics tools and protocols, collaborative grant writing, hosting training workshops, and collaborating with our partner EOL institutions in such areas as Education and Informatics.

Qualifications: PhD in a relevant scientific field such as biology or evolution; expertise in computer programming or bioinformatics; interest in group leadership and synthesis of ideas from multiple disciplines; excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.

Workplace: BioSynC is a newly renovated space in the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, IL. FMNH has an active and dynamic biodiversity research community, with extensive links to local universities, and the successful candidate will have to the opportunity to interact with a broad range of evolutionary biologists in a cosmopolitan setting.

The position is a full time appointment, two years in duration, with possibility for renewal. Salary is in the same range as NSF postdoctoral fellowships. Applications are currently being accepted, with a target date of April 15, 2010.

Please send application materials (CV, cover letter, and contact information of three references) or inquiries by email to A quality cover letter will be specific about the independent research the applicant plans to accomplish, the broader outreach goals of their plan, and how their work will integrate with the Encyclopedia of Life project.